Sunday’s Coming! ~ October 7 ~ World Wide Communion


Even if you’re not a sports fan, read this.  It’s a pretty good example from sports about how one person can forgive another.  To forgive is to release someone from a debt that they owe you, or you think think they owe  you.

“Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”  (Matthew 6:12)  Jesus taught us to pray those words.  They’re easy to speak, much harder to do.

Wayne Elliott was the lead replacement official in the Green Bay – Seattle game and presided over the now infamous “Fail Mary” epically bad call.  The picture shows the officials in disagreement, and even the NFL acknowledged a mistake was made.

Wayne Elliott went to the replay screen and upheld a touchdown for Seattle, giving them a win (and Green Bay a loss).  Players were obviously upset.  Many tweeted obscenities and offered tirades in post-game interviews.  The poor officiating hastened an end to the NFL lockout of the regular refs.

But lost in the all the chaos was the very real stories of real people caught up in the mess of mistakes.

In an interview on a cable sports show, Wayne Elliott was asked about his post-game experiences the week following the game.  His phone rang for 72 hours straight.  “A lot of phone calls from Wisconsin.”  He didn’t pick them up.  Most left jarring messages.

One message was unexpected.  Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy called.  He left a message. Here is how Elliott recalled the the message: “He just had heard I was having a rough week and wanted to know that he thought what I did … controversial, maybe he didn’t agree with it, that I handled it with class. He has a home in Austin [Texas]. And he said it’s always good to know another good Austinite. Just very classy.”

Normally the NFL fines coaches for criticizing officials.  But after this game, the NFL called the Green Bay coach to let him off the hook; he was free to criticize and say how he felt about the situation.  Given a free pass to pile on, he chose to release the man from any debt he may have owed.

Wow.  Imagine if Christians started doing that to those who we feel have wronged us.

With you for the King,



Often in life a crucial question for us is “What does it mean to follow God?”  “What kind of response does God call us to?”  This Sunday we will have the opportunity to see different groups of people and their different responses to these questions.  But even more than this, we will look at Jesus and what he says is important in this crucial matter.  These questions are just as important to us as they were to the people around Jesus when he walked this earth.  Jesus came so that eyes and hearts would be open to what God says about following him.

It’s also world-wide communion Sunday.  We’ll be seeing some pictures from Pastor Bob and Dr. Joiner’s ministry in Haiti while we celebrate.  We’ll pick up where we left off in Mark with Mark 3:7-35.  And we’ll be sharing an important update on the new building at 201 St. Paul Ave. SE.

Here’s our Sunday morning Schedule

  • 8:30 a.m. – VP3 meets at Noteboom Cottage at NWC
  • 9:15 a.m. – Sunday School for all ages –
    • K-5th Grade meets in the Kids Center and Student Activity Center downtown
    • 6th grade meets at Dutch Bakery
    • 7th-8th grade girls meet in Pastor Jon’s study
    • 7th-8th grade boys meet at the ATLAS building
    • 9th-10th grade meets in the Family Center
    • 11th-12th grad meets in the Game Room
    • Hebrews meets in the NWC Music wing lounge
    • “Attributes of God” meets in the Oolman Funeral Home.
  • 10:30 a.m. – Worship at Christ Chapel (Child care for infant through 4 years old)


The Table now has over 80 people engaged.  A number of people have begun posting prayer and praises.  A few small groups have begun to create their sub-groups where they can post small group prayers and updates for their small group.

It’s been sweet to see some of the comments people are sharing with the prayers.  This tool can be a great way for us to encourage one another.  We’d like to challenge the congregation to try sharing ways to serve one another.  The more we use The Table, the more opportunities we’ll experience getting connected to one another.

The Table also has mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

You can also give your profile a picture – that will help people get to know each other as well.

If you haven’t yet signed up, it’s free and easy.  CLICK HERE.


Our Children’s team is asking that parents physically come to pick up their children from activities – from the nurseries on Sunday morning and especially in the down town campus on Wednesday nights.  There is a lot of traffic and people and we want to make sure children go home safely.  We realize it is inconvenient, especially on Wednesday, to park your car and come inside, but this will help prevent accidents and keep children safe.

And please mark your calendars for October 17 – It’s our Fall Family Faith Night!

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